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by Disasteradio

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You Win 03:22
You Win
Gotta get with the program tonight I gotta get with you, watching you dancing Electric Ecstasy You plug me in, you turn me on, you turn me up We're not beautiful and we're not dumb We turn on instruments hoping to get some Electric Ecstasy for free Please take me there, please carry me tonight Feet are all that you've got, they're walking Your mouth is all that you've got - and it's talking But what you really wanna feel Electric Ecstasy for real tonight Something hidden in Sector Seven The digital discotheque Virtual Heaven You are the perfect humanoid I wanna be your pleasure droid tonight Electric heart is pumping your blood There's two white points of light in the nightclub You look into my plastic eyes You hypnotise, we synthesize Sparks are flying we dance symmetric Your hair and your hands and your heart look electric You taste the ozone in your lungs You feel the buzzing on your tongue Looking back through the rear-view mirror And slowly everything seems so much clearer The crystal freeway runs so free Direct to Silicon Valley and City has urban myths, I got one It's lying there with you on the horizon Alone, together or whatever 'lectric Ecstasy forever (Electric Ecstasy forever) (For ever and ever and ever and ever) (The sun is gonna set forever) (You know we're gonna live forever)
You were serving up protein pills at a 21st Century bar & grill and I wonder just how I'm gonna make you my girl but then they drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the At the party, I'm finally high and you should be dancing with some other guy and I shouldn't be here, and I shouldn't be fine but then they drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the I'm at the mirror squeezing my zits 'cause I wanna kiss you on the apoca-lips and I wanna hold your hand under the solar eclipse but then they drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the And we get out in the video sun and we all get together and you could be the one but I just learned the meaning of "Megaton" because they drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the BOMB You were wondering what to buy From the planet earth memorial giftshop guy And a certain bumper sticker might have caught your eye But then they drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the And we're waiting for the world to end so we all go driving in our cars with our friends but the Denny's is closed so I guess it's the end because they drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the Night sky is full of meteoroids and we're making whoopee by the maintainence droids and the prospect of my little death is null and void because they drop the bomb bomb, drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the And we talk about the things that we miss as we sit in the shade of the satellite dish and we're blowing martian dandelions and making a wish But then they drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the BOMB With a picnic, outside of town We're picking out shapes in the mushroom clouds But the end comes quickly and the end is loud when they drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the Life is flashing before your eyes Now we're atoms dancing in the radio skies And I'll shrug my electrons when I realise that they dropped the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the bomb, drop the BOMB
Kids Of 99 06:07
Jumping so high we touch the sky So wipe the snot out of your eyes 'Cause it's my Gravy Rainbow Gravy Rainbow, Gravy Rainbow Mister Sunshine is within reach Girls on the beach Well all they want is a Gravy Rainbow They do the Mashed Potato on the Gravy Rainbow Gravy Rainbow takes you to space Then it'll drop you off in some other place It's a cool place They got everything that I know you like now Let me tell you just what we'll do Plant a gravy seed, just me and you And grow some dreams We'll have a baby on the Gravy Rainbow Baby, baby be mine tonight We'll take a flight and then we'll see That magic happens When you wish upon a Gravy Rainbow
Time It passes all the time It goes in ticks-and-tocks But here's is the Computer Whiz whose head won't fit inside a Box You're staring at a box You're living in a box You're watching all the clocks tick on and on and on and on Instead Of living in your head You'll never go to bed You'll engineer the future in a way that's gonna suit ya Now So you better show them how Looks like a piece of cake Guess you better read a book you look like you will make it Sometimes this life does not compute Sometimes you don't feel like the cool dude But have no fear you're a Computer Whiz This world is not read-only By yourself you're never feeling lonely This world was made for the Computer Whiz Home At 2 in the morning This town is so boring Suburbia it seems so far by hybrid car to the big Smoke Rising from the flux Smelling hot and sweet The coffee cups are stacking up, you're cracking up, now get some Sleep But even in your dreams The vivid colour schemes White magenta and cyan, orange and black, and black and Green And you get more caffiene You read a magazine Now you're nearly waking up you're taking up the challenge These picket fences are a barcode You read it all in ones and zeroes Number one, not zero: the Computer Whiz Take apart the world, see how it works The cops and the jocks and all the jerks They all bow down to the Computer Whiz So Access randomly Extended Memory They are all a bunch of dicks their dirty tricks won't get you Down But in some other town There are kindred souls But the problem is suburbia is just a big black Hole And out of your control And it's eating at your soul And you know it freaks you out so better get the heck Out Now computer is ready (Yes) Computer Whiz ready (Uh-huh) As your fingers twitch you flick the switch then you realise Turbo button is engaged for the new age The future's bright, everything is beige Put on your shades you computer whiz Living life like it's in fullscreen It's time to put away the sunscreen You're not just weird; you're a Computer Whiz We're never going back to high school We're never coming back to this town Everything is cool Used your head You left them all for dead And you ended as the Computer Whiz instead Bright light shining on your bedroom wall It's the portal to tomorrow and you got it all You're a human being / a machine / a Computer Whiz
No Pulse 02:48
You think you're a genius And you think you got me sussed Baby I ain't got no pulse Maybe I'm somebody else It's the future you don't care Go put on your plastic hair We can do it in 3-D Got you right in front of me Wait, wait for me, 'cause you're freaking me out, hey-hey-hey Hold on, lemme put my shoes on, almost ready to go, woah-oh-oh Used to be the stinky kid Let me tell you what I did We got used to skipping school Now I'm sick of being cool On your saxophonic snazz Watch me play my doo-doo jazz You can sit and watch me go Green light yes and red means no O-K! We'll do it your way, but you oughtta know, woah-oh-oh I'm messed up too, but I'm here with you, let me freak you out, hey-hey-hey Think you know just how it is Time to get down to the biz Baby I ain't got no soul But maybe my brain is whole Now you're ready for the show Now we know we where we can go Call that taxi on the phone Baby can we just go home
Cat 03:43
I've been tracing rays of light And it's gonna take all night But there's one thing I can say There's a Virtual Sunrise on the way Coordinates that point the path Through virtual trees and virtual grass Here upon this plastic plane No job no sleep no cold no heat no rain What's this in my point of view A virtual me, a virtual you Underneath a fractal sky Reflected in your virtual eyes (so blue)
Hello World 02:18
Charisma 03:51


released October 15, 2010

Luke Rowell & Computer - Vocals, Writing, Mixing & Mastering
Christina Hroch - Vocals & Writing on No Pulse




Disasteradio New Zealand

Synthesizer pop music since Y2K

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